About IWG

Empowering women – Advancing sport

Welcome to IWG.
Our story began in 1994 with the first World Conference on Women and Sport in Brighton, UK and the debut of the Brighton Declaration on Women and Sport. Chapter by chapter our story has continued with the help of thousands of dedicated women and men the world over. Ourindependent coordinating body is currently located in Auckland, New Zealand for the 2018-2022 quadrennial term and led by renowned international experts in the field who contribute their uniqueexpertise to achieving the IWG’s mission: Empowering women – Advancing sport.

Strategic Plan


A sustainable sporting culture based on gender equality that enables and values the full involvement of girls and women in every aspect of sport and physical activity.


Empowering women – Advancing sport

The mission is accomplished through the action and influence of the IWG as a catalyst, engaging governmental and non-governmental organizations and individuals for the advancement and empowerment of women and sport globally.


We place importance on international collaboration, enabling us to achieve our vision through consultation with stakeholders and incorporate their feedback into our decision-making.

We value diversity through the provision of equal opportunity, voice, and choice for all people regardless of nationality, ethnicity, religion, gender, disability, age or sexual orientation.

We are transparent and accountable in all our operations and decision-making processes including management and governance.

Recognizing the importance of appropriate processes, we aim to achieve measurable outcomes in keeping with our mission and vision.