Challenge of Change2

The first World Conference on Women and Sport was organized by the British Sports Council and supported by the International Olympic Committee. The 280 delegates from 82 countries representing governmental and non-governmental organisations, national Olympic committees, international and national sport federations and educational and research institutions, endorsed the Brighton Declaration on Women and Sport. The Declaration provides the principles that should guide action intended to increase the involvement of women in sport at all levels and in all functions and roles.

In addition, the conference agreed to establish and develop and international women and sport strategy which encompasses all continents. This should be endorsed and supported by governmental and non-governmental organisations involved in sport development. Such an international strategic approach will enable model programmes and successful developments to be shared among nations and sporting federations, so accelerating the change towards a more equitable sporting culture worldwide.

The Brighton Declaration is addressed to all those governments, public authorities, organisations, businesses, educational and research establishments, women`s organisations and individuals who are responsible for, or who directly or indirectly influence, the conduct, development or promotion of sport or who are in any way involved in the employment, education, management, training, development or care of women in sport. This Declaration is meant to complement all sporting, local, national and international charters, laws, codes, rules and regulations relating to women or sport.

The Principles

  • Equity and Equality in Society and Sport
  • Facilities
  • School and Junior Sport
  • Developing Participation
  • High Performance Sport
  • Leadership in Sport
  • Education, Training and Development
  • Sport Information and Research
  • Resources
  • Domestic and International Cooperation