Kumamoto, Japan

Kumamoto 2006 – Participating in Change

The 4th IWG World Conference on Women and Sport was held in Kumamoto, Japan May 11-14, 2006 under the overall theme “Participating in Change” and attracted over 700 delegates from 100 different countries.

Conference Legacy: “Kumamoto Commitment to Collaboration“

Quadrennial Progress Report: “From Montreal to Kumamoto“


The From Montreal to Kumamoto progress report provides a summary of information based on documents, media reports, verbal accounts, websites and any other means possible to be able to describe the progress that has been made in achieving a culture that enables and values the full involvement of women in every aspect of sport. This report points to many inspiring and innovative activities taking place, often in the face of subtle and sometimes fierce opposition, but all leading to creating opportunities for women in sport and physical activity.

Conference Proceedings

Keynote speaches were delivered by many internationally recognised experts in the field of women and sport.

The opening keynote speech by Carolyn Hannan, Director, Division for the Advancement of Women, United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs was titled “Challenging the Gender Order”.

A second keynote speech was delivered by Lydia la Rivière, Consultant on Gender and Diversity, on the topic of “Participating in Change“.

Panel discussions were held on “Bringing about Cultural Change” and “Future Vision for Women and Sport”.

The final plenary led by Dr. Kari Fasting, IWG Member and President of WomenSport International discussed the Recommendationsfrom the Conference.


There were twelve workshops held during the Conference. Summaries of these workshops appear below.