Countries That Require Visa       Countries That Do Not Require Visa



  1. Fully completed immigration supplementary form 1. [by applicant]
  2. Applicant’s certified copies of passport pages - [ showing validity, photograph & history]
  3. Two recent coloured passport size photos
  4. Covering letter from the host.
  5. A certied copy of host’s national identity/residence work permit/exemption certificate.
  6. Certified copies oftrade licence, certificate of incorporation, share ceritficate of host if operating a business [except for tourists]
  7. If previously applied for visa please attach the copy of the outcome.
  8. Employment/ business - relevant information/documents is required - [offer/invitation letter, contract confirmation of employment including relevant qualifications].
  9. If coming by road please specify on the covering letter & include contact details [address & phone]
  10. Travel schedule /flight itinerary/bookings.


Additional requirements!


  • Less than 3months - P 1000.
  • 3 months to 2 years -P1500
  1. Aworn statement/affidavit from the host[personal appearance of the host for oath]
  2. A copy of hotel/lodge bookings or residential address of the host.
  3. Copies of marriage/birth certificates - [spouse/dependents]
  4. Certified copies of ordination certificates for religious leaders.
  5. Return visa or residence permit from country of residence
  6. Copies of admission letters and/or study permit for children of residents schooling outside botswana

Business: P1500

  1. Business profile if coming to establish business.
  2. Labour exemption certificate if comingfor a month or more.
  3. Meeting schedule {if coming to attend or organize meeting}
  4. Cormfimation of employment/ release letter from employment

Employment: P1000

  1. Waiver from department of labour or copies of work and residence permits.
  2. Employment offer letter or confirmation of employment.

Investors: P1500

  1. Copies of work and residence permits.
  2. Ceritificate of incorporation, trade licence, share certificate & list directors.
  3. Financial statement.

Tourists: P500

  1. Tour plan or copy of travel schedule.
  2. Hotel bookings.


NB: Copies of all required documents should be certified by relevant authorities. please provide contact details for communication purpose.