IWG Signatories


Signatories of the Brighton Declaration  and updated Brighton Plus Helsinki 2014 Declaration on Women and Sport


The 496 organizations listed below have notified the International Working Group on Women and Sport (IWG) that they have endorsed the Brighton  Declaration on Women and Sport (1994) and Brighton Plus Helsinki Declaration 2014.

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International Agencies


  • World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA)


International Games and Multi-Sport Organizations


  • Association of Summer Olympic International Federations (ASOIF)
  • Commonwealth Games Federation (CFG)
  • International Masters Games Association (IMGA)
  • International Olympic Committee (IOC)
  • International Paralympic Committee (IPC)
  • International University Sports Federation (FISU)
  • International Workers & Amateurs in Sport Confederation (CSIT)
  • SportAccord
  • The Association for International Sport for All (TAFISA)


International Government Organizations and Coalitions

  • Commonwealth Heads of Government
  • Commonwealth Ministers of Women’s Affairs
  • Conference of the Ministers for Youth and Sport of Countries sharing the use of the French language (CONFEJES)


International Societies, Councils, Committees, Forums, Foundations, Associations, etc.

  • The International Council for Coaching Excellence (ICCE)
  • International Committee of Sports for the Deaf (ICSD)
  • International Council for Health and Physical Recreation Sport and Dance (ICHPER-SD)
  • International Council of Sport Science and Physical Education (ICSSPE)
  • International Olympic Academy Participants Association (IOAPA)
  • International Society for the History of Physical Education and Sport (ISHPES)
  • International Science Culture and Sport Association (ISCSA)
  • Leisure Studies Association (LSA)
  • Pacific Games Council
  • World Forum on Physical Activity and Sport
  • World Village of Women Sport (WVWS)


International Sport Federations (IFs) and World Federations


  • Badminton World Federation (BWF)
  • Deaf International Football Association (DIFA)
  • Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA)
  • Fédération Internationale de Savate
  • Federation of International Touch (FIT)
  • International Air Sports Federation (FAI)
  • International Amateur Athletic Federation (IAAF)
  • International Archery Federation (FITA)
  • International Boxing Association (AIBA)
  • International Cyclists Union (UCI)
  • International Federation of American Football (IFAF)
  • International Federation for Equestrian Sports (FEI)
  • International Federation of Physical Education (FIEP)
  • International Netball Federation (INF)
  • International Floorball Federation (IFF)
  • International Gymnastics Federation (FIG)
  • International Hockey Federation (FIH)
  • International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF)
  • International Lifesaving Federation (ILS)
  • International Motorcycling Federation (FIM)
  • International Ringette Federation (IRF)
  • International Sailing Federation (ISAF)
  • International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF)
  • International Triathlon Union (ITU)
  • International Weightlifting Federation (IWF)
  • International Yoga Sports Federation (IYSF)
  • World Squash Association (WSF)
  • Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA)


International Women and Sport Organizations and Networks


  • International Association for Physical Education and Sport for Women and Girls (IAPESGW)
  • Lausanne Network for Women in International Sport (LNWIS)
  • WomenSport International (WSI)

Regional Organizations


  • Africa Women in Sport Association (AWISA)
  • FIM Africa
  • Sports Ministers of Southern Africa (Zone 6)
  • Supreme Council for Youth and Sport in Africa



Africa Olympic Committees


  • Congo National Olympic and Sport Committee (CNOSC)
  • Comite National Olympique de Cote d ‘Ivoire
  • Gambia Olympic Committee
  • Ghana Olympic Committee
  • Lesotho Olympic Committee
  • Madagascar Olympic Committee
  • Mali Olympic Committee
  • Morocco Olympic Committee
  • Namibia Olympic Committee
  • Senegal Olympic Committee
  • Seychelles Olympic Committee
  • Swaziland Olympic and Commonwealth Games Association
  • Uganda Olympic Committee
  • Zimbabwe Olympic Committee


Africa Sports Councils,Associations and Commissions


  • Associations des Femmes Beninoises pour le Sport(AFBS) Benin
  • Botswana National Sports Council
  • Egypt Supreme Council for Youth and Sport
  • Moroccan Association of Sport and Development(AMSD)
  • Namibia Sports Commission
  • South Africa National Sports Council
  • South Africa Commonwealth Games Association
  • South Africa National Department of Sport and Recreation
  • Zimbabwe Sports Commission
  • Botswana Netball Association
  • National Sports Council of Tanzania
  • Botswana Basketball Association
  • Botswana Karate Association
  • Botswana Softball Association
  • Botswana Cricket Association
  • Lesotho Cricket Association
  • Malawi Cricket Union
  • Swaziland Cricket Association
  • Zambia Cricket Association
  • Cricket Namibia
  • Mozambican Cricket Association
  • Women and Sport Botswana
  • Netball Nigeria
  • Uganda Netball Federation
  • National Netball Association of Swaziland
  • Zimbabwe Netball Association
  • Netball Association of Malawi
  • Netball South Africa


Africa Sports Federations and Organizations


  • Swaziland National Sports Federation
  • 16 National Sports Federations
  • African Chess Confederation


Africa Government


  • Ministry of Youth and Sport(Algeria)
  • Ministry of Youth and Sports(Ghana)
  • Ministry of Youth and Sports (Mauritius)
  • Ministry of Basic Education,Sport and Culture(Namibia)
  • Ministry of Land,Resettlement and Rehabilitation (Namibia)
  • Ministry of Women’s Affairs and Child Welfare(Namibia)
  • Namibia School Sports Union
  • Tertiary Institution Sport Association of Namibia
  • 13 Regional Governors
  • Ministry of Youth and Sport(Republic of Guinea)
  • Seychelles Government
  • South African National Department of Sport and Recreation
  • Ministry of Home Affairs(Swaziland)
  • Ministry of Youth and Sports (Tunisia)
  • Ministry of Women, Family and Children (Tunisia)


Africa Women and Sports


  • Algerian Association for Women’s Sport Development
  • Faculty of Physical Education for Girls,Alexandria University(Egypt)
  • Sport Society of Egyptian Women
  • Women’s Sports Association of Ghana
  • Madagascar Women and Sport
  • Mauritius National Commission on Women and Sport
  • National Association Women Physical Activity and Sport(ANFAPS)
  • Nigerian Association of Women in Sport
  • Seychelles Women and Sport Association
  • Sierra Leone Association of Women in Sports(SLAWS)
  • Women and Sport South Africa (WASSA)
  • Uganda Sports Women’s Association
  • Zambia National Organisation for Women in Sport Physical Activity and Recreation(NOWSPAR)
  • Women in Sport Foundation Zimbabwe
  • Women and Sport Botswana


Africa Regional Organizations


  • Africa Women in Sport Association(AWISA)
  • FIM Africa
  • Sports Ministers of Southern Africa(Zone 6)
  • Supreme Council for Youth and Sport in Africa
  • Africa Netball

Regional Organizations


  • Caribbean Heads of Government
  • Caribbean Ministers of Sport
  • Congress Panamericano de Education Fisica
  • Pan American Canoe Federation
  • Pan American Congress of Physical Education(CPEF)


Americas and Caribbean  Olympic Committees


  • Antilles Olympic Committee
  • Argentina Olympic Committee
  • Aruba Olympic Committee
  • Bahamas Olympic Committee
  • Barbados Olympic Committee
  • Bolivia Olympic Committee
  • Brazil Olympic Committee
  • Chile Olympic Committee
  • Colombia National Olympic Committee
  • Costa Rica National Olympic Committee
  • Cuba Olympic Committee
  • Ecuador Olympic Committee
  • El Salvador Olympic Committee
  • Guatemala Olympic Committee
  • Honduras Olympic Committee
  • Jamaica Olympic Committee
  • Mexico Olympic Committee
  • Panama Olympic Committee
  • Paraguay Olympic Committee
  • Peru Olympic Committee
  • Trinidad and Tobago Olympic Committee
  • United States of America Women Committee Project
  • Uruguay Olympic Committee
  • Venezuela Olympic Committee


Americas and Caribbean Associations and Sports Councils


  • Bahamas National Sports Council
  • Canada Commonwealth Games Association
  • Jamaica Intercollegiate Sports Association
  • Mexico National Sports Commission
  • Mexico National University Sports Council
  • National Collegiate Athletic Association(NCAA) USA
  • Northern Marianas Amateur Sports Association
  • USA Deaf Basketball Inc.
  • United States Deaf Sports Federation
  • Uruguay University Sports Federation
  • USA Sailing
  • USA Volleyball
  • Venezuela FIT
  • Netball Jamaica
  • Grenada Netball
  • USA Netball Association
  • Trinidad and Tabago Netball Association
  • Barbados Netball


Americas and Caribbean Government

  • Grenada Government
  • Canada Department of Heritage
  • Province of Alberta (Canada)
  • Province of British Columbia(Canada)
  • Province of Ontario(Canada)
  • Ringette Canada
  • Sport Canada
  • Colombia Coldeportes
  • Colombia Government
  • Costa Rica Minister of Sports
  • Guyana Ministry of Culture,Youth and Sport
  • Mexico Ministry of Sport
  • Poerto Rico Department of Recreation and Sports
  • Trinidad and Tobago Ministry of Sports


Americas and Caribbean Women and Sports


  • Canadian Association for the Advancement of Women and Sport
  • National Association of Girls and Women in Sport (USA)
  • Olympic Women Project (USA)
  • Women Sports Foundation (USA)

Sports Commissions and Sports Councils

  • Philippine Sports Commission
  • Kumamoto City Council for Physical Education Sport
  • Kumamoto Prefecture Council of Physical Education and Sport
  • Qatar Women’s Sport Committee on behalf of the Qatar Olympic Committee
  • Singapore Sports Council
  • NEST foundation(Korea foundation for the NExt generation in Sports Talent)
  • Nepal Cricket Association of The Blind


Asia Sports Federations

  • Chinese Taipei University Sports Federation(CTUSF)
  • Korea Bobsleigh Skeleton Federation(South Korea)
  • Syria General Sports Federation
  • Hong Kong Netball Association
  • Netball Federation India
  • Asian Aikido Federation


Asia Women and Sport

  • Asian Women in Sports
  • Cambodian Commission of Women and Sport
  • Indonesian Association Of Physical Education and Sports for Girls and Women
  • Japan Association of Physical Education for Women
  • Japanese Association for Women in Sport Japan (JWS)
  • Malaysia Women’s Sports and Fitness Foundation
  • Pakistan Association for Women Sport
  • Association of Physical Education For Women
  • Philippines Women’s Sport Foundation
  • Women and Sports Korea
  • Arab Women Sport Association


Asia Government


  • Bahrain General Organization for Youth and Sport
  • Indonesia Ministry of Youth and Sport
  • Israel Ministry of Education,Culture and Sport
  • Malaysia Ministry of Youth and Sport


Asia Olympic Committees

  • Chinese Taipei Olympic Committee
  • Cyprus Olympic Committee
  • Japan Olympic Committee
  • Olympic Council of Malaysia


  • Andora Athletics Federation
  • Albania Athletics Federation
  • Athletic Federation of the Republic of Armenia
  • ASKO(Austria)
  • Austrian Athletics Federation(Austria)
  • Azerbaijan Athletics Federation
  • Belarus Athletics Federation
  • Athletics Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Bulgarian Union for Physical Culture and Sport(BFSF)
  • Bulgarian Athletics Federation(Bulgaria)
  • Croatian Athletics Federation (Croatia)
  • Denmark Athletics Federation(DIF)
  • Estonian Athletics Federation(Estonia)
  • Finnish Athletics Federations(Finland)
  • Finnish Gymnastics Federation(Finland)
  • Finnish Sports Federation(OLL)(Finland)
  • Finnish Student Sport Federation
  • French Athletics Federation(France)
  • German Athletics Federation(Germany)
  • Hilary Commission
  • Athletics Federation of Iceland
  • High Sport Council of Spain
  • Iceladic Sports Federation
  • Italian Athletics Federation(FIDAL)
  • Budo for Peace(Israel)
  • Liechtenstein Athletics Federation
  • Athletic Federation of Lithuania
  • Athletics Federation of Macedonia
  • Athletics Federation of Moldova
  • Royal Dutch Athletics Federation(Netherlands)
  • Malta Amateur Athletic Association
  • Netball Scotland
  • Dutch Catholic Sports Confederation
  • Norwergian Athletics Federation(Norway)
  • Federacao Portugesa de Desporto para Pessas com Deficiencia(Norway)
  • Portuguese Athletics Federation (Norway)
  • Table Tennis Federation Of Portugal(Norway)
  • All Russia Athletic Federation (Russia)
  • Slovenian Athletics Federation
  • Royal Spanish Archery Federation
  • Royal Spanish Athletics Federation
  • Royal Spanish Aviation Federation
  • Royal Spanish Baseball and Softball Federation
  • Royal Spanish Billards Federation in Valencia
  • Royal Spanish Canoe Federation
  • Royal Spanish Cycling Federation
  • Royal Spanish Golf Federation
  • Royal Spanish Gymnastics Federation
  • Royal Spanish Handball Federation
  • Royal Spanish Hockey Federation
  • Royal Spanish Judo Federation
  • Royal Spanish National Federation of Karate in Madrid
  • Royal Spanish National Federation of Motorsport in Madrid
  • Royal Spanish National Federation of Winter Sports in Madrid
  • Royal Spanish Life Saving Federation
  • Royal Spanish Motor Boat Federation
  • Royal Spanish Polo Federation
  • Royal Spanish Sailing Federation
  • Royal Spanish Shooting Federation
  • Royal Spanish Skating Federation
  • Royal Spanish Supportive Chasse Federation
  • Royal Spanish Swimming Federation
  • Royal Spanish Table Tennis Federation
  • Royal Spanish Tennis Federation
  • Royal Span Taekwondo Federation
  • Royal Spanish Volleyball Federation
  • Royal Spanish Wrestling Federation
  • Spanish American Football Association
  • Spanish Badminton Federation
  • Spanish Basketball Federation
  • Spanish Boxing Federation
  • Spanish Chess Federation
  • Spanish Ice Sports Federation
  • Spanish Mountain and Climbing Sports Federation
  • Spanish National Federation of Sports For Deaf in Madrid
  • Spanish National Federation of Waterskiing
  • Spanish Orienteering Federation
  • Spanish Padel Federation
  • Spanish Pelota Federation
  • Spanish Rowing Federation
  • Spanish Rugby Federation
  • Spanish Speleological Federation
  • Spanish Sports Federation for the Blind
  • Spanish Sports Federation for Person With Intellectual Disability
  • Spanish Sports Federation for Persons with Physical Disability
  • Spanish Triathlon Federation
  • Spanish Sport Federation of people with Cerebral Palsy in Madrid
  • Spanish Equestrian Federation in Madrid
  • Spanish Federation of Fishing and Casting
  • Spanish Federation of Modern Penthalon
  • Spanish Federation of Underwater Activities
  • Spanish Federation of Weightlifting in Madrid
  • Swedish Athletic Federation
  • Swedish University Sports Federation
  • Gilbraltar Netball
  • Netball Northern Ireland
  • England Netball
  • Spanish National Federation of Bowling
  • Royal Spanish Squash Federation
  • Real Federation Motocillistd Españold (Madrid)
  • Federación Española de Baile Deportivo (Spain)
  • Federación Española de Fùtbol Ameriano (Spain)
  • Royal Spanish Federation of Fencing (Spain)
  • Spanish National Federation of Kickboxing (Spain)


Europe Sports Councils,Organizations and Associations

  • Bosnia and Herzegovina Sports Association
  • Amateur Athletics Association of Cyprus
  • Cyprus Sports Organization
  • Finnish Gymnastics Association
  • Finnish Fencing and Penthalon Association
  • Finnish Ringette Association
  • Finnish Sports Confederation Valo
  • Finnish Sports Sports Federation
  • German Sports Confederation (Germany)
  • German Union of Sports and Sciences(Germany)
  • Hellenic Athletics Association
  • Hungarian Athletics Association
  • Athletics Association of Ireland
  • Student Sport Ireland
  • Israeli Athletics Association(Israel)
  • Italian Athletic Federation (FIDAL)
  • Latvia Athletic Association
  • Lithuanian Sport Congress
  • Malta Amateur Athletic Association
  • Spanish American-Football Association
  • Swiss Athletics
  • Turkish Athletics Association
  • British Universities and Colleges Sport( BUCS)(United Kingdom)
  • English Sports Council (United Kingdom)
  • Royal Lifesaving Society UK
  • Russian Student Sport Union
  • Sports Committee of St Petersburg
  • Sports Council for Northern Ireland (United Kingdom)
  • Sports Council For Scotland(United Kingdom)
  • UK Athletics
  • UK Sports Council
  • Ukraine Athletics Federation
  • Secretariat d’Etat aux Sports Francais


Europe Government

  • Albania Ministry of Culture,Youth and Sport
  • Department of Sport Austria
  • France Ministry of Town,Youth and Sport
  • Ministry of Education and Culture(Finland)
  • Ministry of Culture(Greece)
  • Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport (Israel)
  • PE and Sport Department(Lithuania)
  • Ireland Ministry of Youth and Sport
  • Poland Ministry of Sport and Tourism of the Republic
  • Ukraine Ministry of Physical Education and Sport
  • Government of the United Kingdom
  • United Kingdom 24 National Governing Bodies of Sport

Europe Women and Sports

  • European Women and Sport
  • Lithuanian Women in Sport Association
  • Democratic Movement of Portugese Women(Norway)
  • National Olympic Committee-Women and Sport Commission
  • Women’s Sports and Fitness Foundation-United Kingdom
  • Portuguese Association Women and Sport
  • Secretariat d’Etat aux Droits Des Femmes


Europe Regional Organizations

  • Council of Europe Committee for Development of Sport
  • European Fencing Confederation
  • European Gay and Lesbian Sport Federation(EGLSF)
  • European Ministers of Sport
  • European Non-Governmental Sports Organization(ENGSO)
  • Europe Sports Conference
  • European Squash Federation
  • European University Sports Association
  • Swiss University Sports Federation
  • Netball Europe

 Europe Olympic Committees

  • Albania Olympic Committee
  • Bulgaria Olympic Committee
  • British Olympic Committee
  • Croatia Olympic Committee
  • Cyprus National Olympic Committee
  • Czech Republic Olympic Committee
  • Denmark National Olympic Committee and Sport Confederation
  • Estonia Olympic Committee
  • Faroese Confederation of Sports and Olympic Committee
  • Finland Olympic Committee
  • Germany Olympic Committee
  • Lithuania Olympic Committee
  • Malta Olympic Committee
  • Norway Olympic Committee
  • Switzerland Olympic Committee
  • Ukraine Olympic Committee


  • Australian University Sport
  • Australian Women Sport And Recreation Association
  • Oceania Athletics Association
  • Netball Fiji
  • Netball Samoa Association
  • Netball Australia
  • Netball New Zealand


Oceania Sports Councils/Commission

  • Australian Sports Commission
  • Pacific Games Council-Australia
  • Standing Committee on Recreation and Sport-Australia

Oceania Government

  • State and Terrory Governments-Australia
  • Australia Sport and Recreation Ministers Council
  • Grenada Government


Oceania Women and Sport

  • Women’s Sports Foundation of Western Australia


Oceania Regional Organization

  • Oceania Table Tennis Federation(OTTF)
  • 12 National Table Tennis Federation

Oceania Olympic Committees

  • Faroe Islands Faroese Confederation of Sports and Olympics Committee
  • Australia Olympic Committee
  • Estonian Olympic Committee
  • Cook Islands Sports and Olympic Association
  • New Zealand Olympic Committee
  • Palau National Olympic Committee
  • Papau New Guinee Sport Commission
  • Portuguese Sports Federation for Persons with Disability


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