About Botswana

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Welcome to simply the best part of Africa, Botswana, a land of unmatched beauty, abundant in wildlife and rich in culture, giving it a magical and dreamlike quality, from its prominent salt pans to diamond rich deserts and lush flood plains. Since peacefully gaining its independence 1966, Botswana has managed to exploit its wealth of underground resources, especially diamonds, to develop not only its diverse economy but also its people. Botswana is the biggest producer of diamonds in the world by value. It is hailed as a shining beacon of democracy, stability and peace in a continent renowned for turmoil and instability. Its people have a rich diverse culture and embrace all who come to Botswana with a welcoming warmth.

With all that it has to offer, Botswana was described by many as Africa’s best kept secret. This did not bode well for the growth of its economy. The need came for the world to know about this land of opportunity, splendour and promise. The time had come for Batswana to show the world the pride they have for their country and what it has to offer.

Botswana is centrally located in the heart of Southern Africa. It shares borders with Zambia in the north, Namibia in the north and northwest, Zimbabwe in the north-east and South Africa in the south and south-east. Its central location in the Southern Africa region makes Botswana the perfect gateway for reaching the whole of the Southern African Development Community (SADC) region.

Quick facts about Botswana

Area :    582,000 km²

Population :    2,024,787 (as per 2011 Populations and Housing census)

Capital City :    Gaborone

Form of Government :    Parliamentary Republic

Head of State :    President Dr. Lt. General Seretse Khama Ian Khama

Adult Literacy Rate :    83%, World Bank

Official Language :    English

National Language :    Setswana

Gross Domestic Product :    BWP 141 942 million 2014 (USD 15798.1446 million as calculated from Bank of Botswana Financial Statistics (March 2015) using annual average Exchange rate 2014)

Per capita GDP :    BWP 66 290 (US$ 7,378.077 as calculated from Bank of Botswana Financial Statistics (March 2015) using annual average Exchange rate 2014)

GDP Real Growth Rate for 2014 :  4.4%

Annual average Inflation 2014 :    4.4%

Weights & Measures :    Metric System

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