START DATE: 14 December, 2016

END DATE: 14 December, 2016

A media workshop was held a day prior to the conference to engage media from the region. Media was identified as a key player during the development of a gender mainstreaming program that the IWG started in conjunction with the gender machinery in the country in 2015. The media workshop aimed to bring together media personnel from across the spectrum of media including both digital and traditional media to discuss and share best practices in women and sport journalism. The gathering allowed for information exchange and resolutions that will help improve the profiling of women and sport. The workshop was facilitated by a renowned media expert from South Africa, Ms. Cynthia Tshaka with presenters from different fields and regions of Africa including Dr. Bella Bello from Ghana, Mr George Nange, Kenya, Prof. Richard Rooney form the University of Botswana and Media expert Ms. Claudia Ekai from Kenya.

The workshop tackled various issues that are seen as current and prevalent in the area of women and sport reporting including;

  • Mastering gender sensitive reporting
  • Power of profiling women  in sport
  • Presentation skills in sport
  • Sport as a tool for achieving SDG’s
  • Integrity in sport: Safety For Women
  • Back to Basics: Sports Journalism 101

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