International Netball World Congress Mass Signing Of The Brighton Plus Helsinki 2014 Declaration

11 July, 2017

The International Working Group on women and Sport (IWG) on the 7th of July hosted a mass signing ceremony for the Netball community. The mass signing was held during the International Netball Federation (INF) world congress which was held in Gaborone, Botswana from the 6-7 July 2017 preceeding the Netball World Youth Cup. A total  of 24  organisations signed the Brighton Plus Helsinki 2014 Declaration bringing the total number of IWG signitories to 496.

Various representatives of the organisations signed on behalf of the organisations whereas the IWG Co-chairperson signed on behalf of the IWG as well as the IWG Africa Representative Ms. Matilda Mwaba. Amongst the organisations that signed the declaration are;

Africa Netball

Netball Europe

Netball Nigeria

Netball Fiji

Netball Samoa Association

Netball Jamaica

Uganda Netball Federation

National Netball Association of Swaziland

Netball Scotland

Gilbrator Netball

Netball Northern Ireland

Netball New Zealand

England Netball

Hong Kong Netball Association

Netball Australia

Zimbabwe Netball Association

Netball Federation India

Netball Association of Malawi

Netball South Africa

USA Netball Association

Trinadad and Tabago Netball Association

Barbados Netball

Netball Samoa


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