IWG Secretary General, Ms Game Mothibi @ Smart Cities And Sport 2015 Summit, Lausanne, Switzerland

14 December, 2016

The IWG Secretary General, Ms Game Mothibi took part in the Smart Cities and Sport summit held in Lausanne, Switzeland from the 13th to the 14th of October. Ms Mothibi gave a presentation on Botswana, paricularly Gaborone as a host city highlighting past events that have been hosted there and the up coming IWG 7th World Conference on Women and Sport which will be hosted in Gaborone.She also touched on the legacy of the IWG whilst hosted in Botswana highlighting that it is more of a social aspect aiming at social cohesion and also promoting Botswana principles and values.

The Secretary General indicated that hosting the IWG and other events for Botswana comes in handy in profiling the country as it is a relatively small country with rich resources. She also highlighted that it is also critical for people to appreciate Africa as a continent and encouraged cities to be smart and recognize women and girls participation in sport and also recognize sport for all.

The conference was organized for representatives of cities, regions and countries around the world interested in learning more about effective and smart strategies that connect sport and cities. Whether the vision is to host other sporting events or to create new ways to develop a city with an active and healthy lifestyle, the conference provided a high level and prestigious platform for exchange of ideas and experience among cities of all sizes.

Various topics were covered amongst them topics on sports events and place branding, sports facility management, sport as a tool for social issues and active and healthy cities as well as market place.


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